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Here's what the critics are saying about Edit Peptide:

“Edit Peptide is the definitive math rock album, an avant manifestation of prog rock that comes straight from the future … this is 'progressive rock' in its fullest sense.”
— Lorenzo Barbagli, Altprogcore

“… a fearlessness overtakes the compositions and playing across this record … unique harmonies, imaginative soundscapes and stylistic collisions that in any other hands would sound clumsy … but instead accentuate Bubblemath’s particular genius.”
— Jedd Beaudoin, PopMatters

“… complex, tight, and completely off the wall … if you want something so far out of both normal mainstream, and the progressive mainstream, then this is going to be worth discovering.
— Kev Rowland, Progarchives

“… this set of intellectual compositions might burn a fuse or two in your brain … prog done right, and giving back the literal epithet of the genre.”
— Dæv Tremblay, Can This Even Be Called Music?

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Edit Peptide | Release Circuit 2018

7.10.2018Minneapolis, MN7th St. Entry @ 8pmTickets $10
10.20.2018Chicago, ILProgtoberfest
Reggie’s Rock Club @ 9pm
Tickets $75

Who is Bubblemath?

Blake Albinson, James Flagg, Kai Esbensen, Jay Burritt, Jonathan G. Smith



Edit Peptide

May 2017

Fifteen years in the making, Minnesota eclectic prog / avant-pop / art-math quintet Bubblemath's sophmore sequence, Edit Peptide, provides a worthwhile wait with its non-formulaic formula of lively textures, wacky and virtuosic musicianship, hypnotically robust vocals and charmingly astute attitude. Blending in-your-face intricacy with eccentric experimentation, dense and poppy harmonies, symphonic vibrancy and tongue-in-cheek foundation, Bubblemath are clever and musicially intricate, but despite their loyal adherence to high information-density compositional constructs, they make serious and seriously quirky music that doesn't take itself too seriously and allows the fun to shine through. (from the Edit Peptide press release, Cuneiform Records)

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Such Fine Particles of the Universe

December 2001

Avant prog-pop jazzcore. Constantly changing odd meters; dynamic song structures and textures; vocal harmonies; unexpected melodies, chord changes, and harmonic voicings; quality lyrics; quirky humor.

Recorded and mixed by Alex Oana, these fine debut particles won "Best Eclectic Recording" at the 2002 Minnesota Music Awards. How eclectic!


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